Hi, I'm Haley.

I care about chai, code, and continuous improvement.

I'm a web developer, designer, writer, student and more currently studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have a passion for reconciling logic with creativity and live to find the sweet spot between beauty and function. My dream is to one day work as a front-end web developer for a company whose passion matches mine.

A lifelong learner, I'm always searching for new insights and I strive to bring positivity and openness to every part of my life. I'm currently looking for volunteer-based projects to build my portfolio, so please feel free to email me or connect on LinkedIn!

Current Endeavors

WordPress logo

As of January 2017 I have officially built four WordPress themes from scratch and am excited to continue learning!

JavaScript logo

Now that I feel comfortable hand-building my own themes, I plan to further develop my JavaScript facilities.

I'm primarily using Treehouse for my tech learning, coupled with inevitable Google searches and hours of trial and error.