About Me

"Live in such a way that if anyone were to speak badly about you, no one would believe them."

Who is Haley Young? Personally, I’d rather ask why is Haley Young. I believe that if you align your life with certain values, the rest will follow.

Everything I do, I do to bring joy and insight to the world around me. Whether it’s mustering up spirit for a mundane task, embracing a positive attitude in the face of challenges, or simply doing my best work day in and day out, I believe we all have the capacity to be a light in the world. I value feelings, connections, and relationships above all else. Yes, I love to code - but more than anything, I love what that code can do in the big picture.

My affair with web development began in elementary school when I first discovered HTML and CSS and found a passion for the possibilities these languages offered. Over the years I spent my free time casually building rudimentary websites until I decided towards the end of my first year of college to take web development more seriously and pursue it as a profession.

I’m majoring in marketing and earning a certificate in graphic design, and I plan to graduate a year early in the spring of 2018. My coding ability has been self-taught with the help of online resources like Treehouse and the kindness of various mentors. Upon graduation, I want to work as a front-end web developer for a company where I can put my passions and skills to good use.

A collage of four pictures of me, Haley Young.

When I’m not coding, I’m probably writing, drinking chai, or listening to Christmas music in the middle of summer. I spend a vast amount of time contemplating the human experience and find solace in relating to those around me. My family, including my pets, are my pillars of strength, and it is through the love of my parents that I learned to always admit my mistakes and seek improvement.

I have many goals - to be a skilled developer, a talented writer, a good friend - but the greatest of these desires is to simply be better than I was yesterday.

About This Site

I handcrafted haleyeyoung.com with a mobile-first responsive approach using HTML and CSS. The color scheme was inspired by sunflowers and bumblebees, two things that keep me both grounded and encouraged by bringing nostalgia and joy. Typefaces are served through Google Fonts, contact page icons are from Icons DB, and all photographic images belong to me. Small bee logo

A picture of me and my dog, Larry, who I got when I was five years oldDedicated to Larry Young, whose lifetime of love forever changed me. July 27th 2002 - October 2nd 2016.