About Me

"Live in a way that if anyone were to speak badly about you, no one would believe them."

Who is Haley Young? Personally, I’d rather ask why is Haley Young. I believe that if you align your life with specific values, the rest will follow.

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In everything I do, I try to bring joy to the world around me. Whether it’s mustering up spirit for a mundane task, embracing a positive attitude in the face of challenges, or simply doing my best work day in and day out, I believe that we all have the capacity to be a light in this world.

A fierce advocate for the power of honest vulnerability, I value feelings, connections, and relationships above all else. Yes, I love the process of creating content — but more than anything, I love what that content can do in the big picture.

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My passion for writing was birthed in the fourth grade when I wrote my first “novel” about a lost dog. 300 word-processed pages later, I was hooked. Since then I’ve gone on to curate a personal writing portfolio, work professionally as a freelancer, and constantly find ways to incorporate a love of language into my life.

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My affair with design and development similarly began at a young age when I discovered HTML and CSS in grade school and found a passion for the possibilities they offered. Over the years I spent my free time casually building rudimentary websites until I decided in my first year of college to take this hobby more seriously and consider it as a profession.

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I’m majoring in marketing and earning a certificate in graphic design, and I’ll be graduating a year early in the spring of 2018. My coding ability has been self taught with the help of online resources like Treehouse and the kindness of various mentors. Upon graduation, I want to work in a creative capacity for a company where I can put my passions and skills to good use.

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When I’m not designing, coding, or writing, I’m probably drinking chai or listening to Christmas music in the middle of summer. I spend a vast amount of time contemplating the human experience and find solace in relating to those around me; my family, including my pets, are my pillars of strength, and it is through the love of my parents that I learned to admit my mistakes and always seek improvement.

I have many goals — to be a skilled designer, a talented writer, a good friend — but the greatest of these desires is to simply be better than I was yesterday.

Fast Facts

  1. I'm an ENFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator — but barely. I'm right on the midpoint of introversion and extraversion.
  2. I jump between design, development, and writing numerous times a day. Having more than one passion keeps me fresh, but I'm excited to specialize more as my career progresses.
  3. I'm especially intrigued by how to market to a large audience while maintaining integrity.
  4. If I can't get to paper or my phone's notes to record an idea, I'll turn it into a song in my head to remember it.
  5. Some of my best friends are characters in books.
  6. I buy too many journals and notebooks — even before I've filled up my existing ones.
  7. I love getting excited and showing spirit, especially about the little things!
  8. I thrive off of a solid morning routine and adore catching the sunrise.
  9. Strength training is my favorite exercise and best stress reliever.
  10. Dogs fascinate me, and I spend a lot of time learning about the species as a whole and training my own.

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