Hero Branding

Print graphic design

The first project in my branding graphic design class in the fall of 2017 was to pick a personal hero and craft a visual identity for them. I chose my middle school advanced English teacher, Mrs. Sue Thompson.

The final broadside presenting the entire project
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I started with semiotic research, moved on to sketches, and eventually began rendering concepts digitally. This project took place over the course of five weeks and my design went through a plethora of iterations.

Once we had created a satisfactory logo for our hero, we were tasked with incorporating the mark into various forms of stationary. It was an extensive foray into print graphic design — and an extremely rewarding one!

Some of the iterations my logo went through
Some iterations of this mark throughout the course of the project

My mark for Mrs. Thompson speaks to her love of writing, storytelling, and a calming cup of tea. She is overwhelmingly positive and unrelentingly supportive; my continued relationship with her fills my cup every day.