Lyric Poster

Print graphic design

This project was to design a lyric sheet capturing the mood of a particular song. I chose to work with Old Pine by Ben Howard; it's one of my all time favorite melodies and even inspired a two-week road trip at the end of summer 2017.

My old pine lyric poster
The final version of my lyric poster

The lyric sheet was printed on a full size poster; it was one of the largest sizes I've ever seen any of my work, since I usually design for screens. It was such a fun process!

I used Adobe InDesign to create the file and listened to the song probably at least 50 times on repeat. My professor helped tell me what the melody felt like to him, and I was able to use a soft forest/ocean color scheme to illustrate its tone. This project was completed throughout a week and a half, and I never expected I could explore so many different directions — and finally settle on one I liked — in that time!