Place Branding

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In my fall 2017 branding graphic design class we were tasked with creating a visual identity for our hometowns. I’m from a moderately sized city in Central Wisconsin called Wausau; it’s a place that I love dearly, so I was determined to do it right through this project.

The original concept drawn by a student
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I began with semiotic research and image collection, analyzing what my hometown really means to me and others who live there. I then moved on to pencil sketches and digital renderings as I tried to present my view of Wausau as a reconciliation between urban and rural sensibilities.

Some of the iterations my logo went through
Some iterations and tests of the mark throughout the process

After multiple iterations and sometimes painful (yet eye opening) critiques, I finally ended up with a complete visual identity and set of brand guidelines including a logomark and stationery suite all presented in an identity manual.

I then took this project a step further after its conclusion by building out a multi-page website based on the brand I had created.