Type Specimen

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Digital renderings of the content of my type specimen
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A project in my spring 2017 graphic design course was to design a type specimen showcasing the characteristics and personality of a particular typeface. We were given a small list to choose from, and I decided to work with Baskerville; I've always been fond of the way serif typefaces make me think of poetry.

An image showing photographs of my printed specimen
The pages of the final printed product

The type specimen was printed on one tabloid-sized page and folded into a small book with a cover, an introductory two-page spread, and a poster to be seen when completely opened up. It was a fun format with which to work.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my design and worked closely with my professor to examine my usage of whitespace. I used one of my favorite colors, a teal variant, to add greater visual appeal. This project was completed over a week and a half, and I grew to appreciate pre-planning and sketching more than ever through the process.

While I do not aspire to be a primarily print graphic designer, I do enjoy taking on a variety of projects and appreciate that every challenge, regardless of its type, presents an opportunity to grow my skills.