The Water Walkers

Print and digital graphic design

The Water Walkers are a family-friendly nonprofit dedicated to providing free entertainment in the Central Wisconsin Area. From 2015 on I’ve designed numerous print and digital advertisements for the team, and I believe this particular collection of work highlights both the visual consistency and engaging variation that I’ve created within one brand.

2016 Program Book Cover

2016 Program Book Cover
The 2016 program book cover I designed for the team

Since they’re given out for free at each show, the program book is easily the most viewed promotional material that the Central Wisconsin Water Ski Show Team has each season. Thus, getting the cover image right is essential – we want to draw viewers in and present an accurate depiction of our team’s talents and atmosphere. For this design I stuck with our signature colors to reinforce brand recognition and primarily focused on a diverse blend of pictures representing all facets of our abilities.

Labor Day Show Poster

Labor Day Show Poster
A full-page poster I designed to promote our Labor Day show

For this poster I combined our signature colors with pictures showing our team bond as well as our abilities out on the water. I kept it simple and bright, allowing feelings of family fun to take the stage.

Celebrate America Show Poster

Celebrate America Poster
A patriotic full-page advertisement for our Independence Day show

For this poster I brought in feelings of patriotism, keeping color-tinted images the focus of the design and leaving textual information to a minimum. I wanted to capture the color and spirit of the American flag with this advertisement.

Black and White Trifold Flyer

Black and white trifold advertisement
A black and white trifold flyer to be printed on colored paper

For this flyer the request was a simple, trifold-sized black and white advertisement that could be printed on neon paper and passed out around town. I kept it bold with clear text and high contrast to complement the variance in potential printing paper colors.

Generic Full Page Advertisement

Generic fullpage advertisement
A photography-based full-page advertisement to promote the team as a whole

I sought to keep this generic show advertisement simple and engaging by including a multitude of pictures to catch the audience’s eye and emphasizing our online accessibility via our Facebook and Tripadvisor profiles.

"Join Us For..." Collection

Photographic image promoting nouns about the team
Photographic image promoting nouns about the team
Photographic image promoting nouns about the team
Photographic image promoting nouns about the team
Photographic image promoting nouns about the team
A series of Facebook banners called "Join Us For..." promoting different facets of our shows

For this series of advertisements (primarily meant to be viewed digitally on social media platforms) I wanted to focus on the aspects of our team that are less tangible than what we actually do out on the water. I took into consideration our values and the traits that set us apart from other organizations and created a variety of advertisement banners from those ideas. Each product focuses on a specific act or part of the show, but transcends merely describing that act to instead highlight what makes it special.

Facebook Banners

Sponsored show Facebook advertisement
A Facebook ad for one of our sponsored shows
Generic Facebook advertisement
A generic advertisement to be posted on Facebook promoting our weekly shows

For all of our Facebook advertisements I’ve tried to keep a familiar theme by sticking with our bright, signature colors and incorporating our gecko logo in each piece. By remaining consistent with the design our posts become recognizable and are more memorable together.

Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook cover photo
A photography-based cover photo I created for the team's Facebook presence

I have kept our cover photo simple, allowing our logo and other pieces of content to take the center stage on our Facebook page. Combining a multitude of images that represent our team into one design has allowed our cover image to accurately showcase our talent in a subtle yet engaging way.