Web Design & Development

A screenshot showing my AlterEgo website layout in both desktop and mobile viewport sizes
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This responsive website was designed and developed for my final digital art project in the fall of 2016. The project goals were to utilize basic HTML and CSS, graphic design principals, and audio/video media to explore a different identity. I chose to make my alter ego a version of myself that I might have become had I pursued my original childhood dream of being an author. You can view my initial project proposal here.

I hand coded AlterEgo from scratch using HTML and CSS, and the concepts for all of the featured books are based on actual stories I have written or imagined. I decided to base the design on my less refined tastes back when I thought I would pursue a career in writing; I did my best to encapsulate who I was when I had that dream and who I might have become if I had followed it.

Though simple, it was an immensely satisfying project, and I am thankful for the relevant opportunity to be creative and reflective.