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Clompish is my personal writing portfolio featuring a large collection of my literary work. was actually my very first domain, and the name has origins that date back to my fifth grade school year in 2007. Over the years Clompish was known as many different things, but in the summer of 2015 I decided to open it back up as a place to showcase my writing.

I utilized a free theme for a while but decided once I found my renewed interest in web development to build my own from scratch. I kept the design simple and content-focused, seeking to draw attention to my work and to reconcile modern touches with a rustic woodgrain feel. Clompish was created with HTML and CSS and then converted from a static design into a dynamic WordPress theme with the help of chai, determination, and quite a few Google searches.

This was only the third WordPress theme I've ever built, and I'm happy with how it turned out. Each new project is a learning experience and I'm thankful for the enlightenment they bring.