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In the fall of 2016 I was approached by a fellow Wisconsin School of Business student employee who wanted help creating a website for a charity started by students in his hometown of DeForest, WI.

The Hannah Fund is dedicated to helping DeForest students and alumni receive financial aid and moral support in their battles against cancer; inspired when one student was diagnosed in 2013, it has since become a more permanent entity determined to assist any Norski in need.

Compelled by the personal stories and commitment of these students to help their peers, I was more than happy to volunteer to build a website for the cause.

I built The Hannah Fund's responsive layout from scratch using HTML and CSS, and then converted the static design into a WordPress theme. This was my very first experience theming in WordPress; despite the frustration I sometimes felt, I am immensely happy with the result. I feel more inspired than ever to continue developing my PHP skills and hope to create better, more complex designs in the future.

I utilized custom post types to make updating the website as simple as possible for members of The Hannah Fund and continue to offer WordPress support if they ever need it. While the design is simple, I believe it draws a focus to the content and is effective at giving The Hannah Fund a professional online presence. More than anything, I feel fortunate to have been able to be a part of this project and commend the work this charity does every day.