One-Page Poem

Web Design & Development

A screenshot showing my one-page poem design in both desktop and mobile viewport sizes
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This one-page design was inspired by the song Old Pine by Ben Howard and crafted for the first project in my interactive media design class in the fall of 2017. The goal was to create an interesting visual with a strong vertical, legible text, and a poem or song we truly loved.

Old Pine holds an extremely special place in my heart, so my selection was easy. I combined hand-drawn pine sketches with a rustic script typeface to recreate the feel of the Redwood forest and used a picture I took on a road trip to the northern coast of California as the design’s background.

A screenshot of a typeface study I did during the design process
A font study I created during the design process to evaluate typeface pairs

Though the code for this project was simple, I spent a lot of time considering my typeface choices and decisions regarding the placement of the elements. You can view my entire process documentation here.