Road Trip 2017

Web Design & Development

A screenshot showing my Roadtrip 2017 website layout in both desktop and mobile viewport sizes
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Since I had already demonstrated a passion for web design/development, I thought my Design for Interactive Media class in the fall of 2017 would be a lightweight and "fun" endeavor. And it was — but it was also one of the most challenging courses I've taken to date.

Throughout the projects we created I realized that I had many design biases and patterns into which I continuously fell. This particular project, dubbed Top Five, was an exercise in breaking up my desire to "center everything" like many modern websites do.

The project brief instructed us to pick a "top five" out of anything we could think of and design a website to inform a user about our choices. I chose to work with my favorite national parks from the road trip I went on in August 2017.

Throughout the process we developed our own content, experimented with type and color studies, and conducted user experience testing of the final design with our classmates.

My biggest focus was on creating uneven white space within the context of a consistent five-column grid. It was a challenge to establish and stick with the unusual margins — I kept wanting to symmetrically align everything within the viewport — but it was ultimately quite satisfying.

You can view my full process documentation here.