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A screenshot showing my Senior Class Campaign website layout in both desktop and mobile viewport sizes
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In the second semester of my junior year of college I decided to run to be my senior class’ Vice President. I had never participated in any type of election before nor had I held a traditional student government role, so the process was extremely new and exciting.

Since I'm completing my undergraduate degree in three years instead of four I was a full year younger than everyone I ran against, and I'm so thankful for how welcome they all made me feel even though it was only my second year on campus.

I built this simple campaign website in a few hours the weekend before the election; there was a two day turnaround period between when students had to declare their candidacy and the campaigning window actually began. I used vanilla HTML and CSS, and I tried to keep the design simple and content-focused.

A screenshot of my senior class callout section
A callout section I created to highlight my campaign plans

I utilized the University of Wisconsin-Madison's official "Badger Red" color variations and stuck with a one-page layout featuring anchor links so visitors could quickly get around. I paid special attention to how the website appeared on mobile devices since I knew that the majority of my peers would view it on their phones in-between classes.

I ended up not winning the election — I came in third place with 178 votes (about 14% of the total submitted). While I was a little disappointed, I mostly felt thrilled that 178 individual people took the time to put down my name to be their Vice President! Moreover, not becoming Senior Class VP allowed me to apply to be the Senior Class Communications officer instead, which is a role much more suited to my skill set and future career aspirations.