Snort for Short

Web Design & Development

A screenshot showing my Senior Class Campaign website layout in both desktop and mobile viewport sizes

In early 2017, my family and I adopted a Siberian Husky named Snort from our local shelter and wanted a way to keep the humane society staff and others who had been following her journey up-to-date on her new life.

She has severe keratoconjuctivits sicca, also known as dry eye, and stole the hearts of everyone she met through her six months of vet appointments and eye medication at the shelter. She still receives frequent eye drops, but learning and growing in my role as her owner has been one of the most rewarding things.

A screenshot showcasing my use of visual assets
A specific post where I used multiple visual assets

I designed and developed Snort for Short's layout with the goal of creating something cute, simple, and content focused. I first built the static design with HTML and CSS and then converted it into a dynamic WordPress theme so that every member of my family can easily make posts and update page content.

This was my fourth time building a WordPress theme and I'm encouraged by how comfortable I've begun to feel customizing more and more elements. I'm excited to continue learning more!

I retired Snort for Short in December 2017 to create a new dog-focused blog with a broader scope called Paws and Reflect, but you can still view an archived version of the about page here.