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A screenshot showing my Tuxes and Tulle website layout in both desktop and mobile viewport sizes
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Tuxes and Tulle is a burgeoning event planning company in my hometown of Wausau, WI, owned by my sister Alissandra. In the fall of 2016 I was asked to create an accessible, mobile-friendly website that highlighted their specialization in wedding services.

Tuxes and Tulle had a pre-existing online presence, but it had been quickly created using WIX and was a nightmare in terms of design and usability. I was extremely excited to take on this project and grow my skills theming in WordPress and working with an actual business client.

A screenshot of the contact form
The contact form I built to make booking a consultation easy

I built Tuxes and Tulle's responsive layout by hand with HTML and CSS and then converted the static design into a WordPress theme over a series of a few days. As this was only my second experience theming in WordPress, it was a challenge in which I frequently found myself scouring the internet for help. My determination to provide a quality product to the owner compelled my research, and it ultimately only took about a week to completely convert the design in-between classes and studying for finals.

I utilized custom post types to make updating the content as easy as possible and offered some basic WordPress training so that the owner could be empowered to control her website herself.

A screenshot of the gallery
The responsive gallery I built with WordPress' built-in gallery functionality

I'm immensely happy with the results of this project and believe it was a transformative learning experience. As I become more familiar with WordPress and grow my PHP knowledge, I am constantly amazed by all of the possibilities of the web development world. I finished this website just before Christmas in 2016 and was able to deliver it to my sister as a present on Christmas morning; seeing her satisfaction with her new online home made every late night of coding worth it and assured me that I'm entering the right career field.