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Snort for Short is a blog for my family's rescue dog named Snort. We adopted her in early 2017 and wanted a way to keep the humane society staff and others who had been following her journey up to date on her new life. She has some special eye needs and truly stole the hearts of everyone who worked at the shelter; it's safe to say that she stole our hearts too. It was important to all of us to have a place to share information about her adjustments in our home.

I designed and developed Snort for Short's layout with the goal of creating something cute, simple, and content focused. I first built the static design with HTML and CSS and then converted it into a dynamic WordPress theme so that every member of my family can easily make posts and update page content.

This was my fourth time building a WordPress theme and I'm encouraged by how comfortable I've begun to feel customizing more and more elements. I'm excited to continue learning more!